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Wellestein Mora Rodriguez International s.a. is the second North American office of the law firm, initially founded in Washington, DC. The principle areas of practice of the Montreal office are oriented toward corporate law and business law, Canadian immigration law, civil and commercial litigation, international legal affairs, and family law.

The Montreal office shares the considerable experience of the firm in assisting enterprises desiring to expand into Latin America. For this purpose, the office works closely with lawyers in its affiliated offices in Washington, DC, as well as with its network of local corresponding attorneys in order to offer complete and tailor-made solutions for businesses wishing to expand their operations or transactions to clients and suppliers in the various countries of Latin America.

When it comes to immigration, the Montreal office of the firm is primarily concerned with economic and business immigration, in all of the categories and programs of temporary and permanent immigration available in Canada and, particularly, in the province of Quebec (programs for skilled workers, for entrepreneurs, and for investors in Quebec, Express Entry, business visitors, work permits, and study permits). In this domain, our lawyers have developed expertise in the conception and implementation of strategies which permit entrepreneurs to transition from temporary status to permanent residence as they seek to establish or to acquire their business.

Since the legal system in Québec is in the civil law tradition, the expertise of the Montreal office will be of particular interest to businesses and to entrepreneurs who may be confronted with legal questions in this province of Canada and in other countries within the civil law tradition, such as those of Latin America and in the Caribbean and in continental Europe.

The Montreal office is composed of lawyers who are multilingual and who speak French, English, and Spanish fluently. The fact that European and Latin American cultures exist within the team allows it to establish close ties with its clients.