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In an increasingly competitive and globalised world, employment opportunities transcend borders. International mobility has now become a reality, especially for young professionals just entering the job market. In this globalised context, an aging population and a scarcity of qualified labor make Canada one of the most attractive destinations for professionals.

In order to deal with current lack of skilled labor, and in order to answer the needs of Canadian employers, Wellstein Mora Rodriguez International (WMR) works in collaboration with the Source de Talents Savvy in order to offer recruitment services to its clients of international talent, in order to provide this service as a complement to our immigration services.

At WMR, we know that the search for human capital is a complicated process which requires time and access to specialized professionals. Due to its partnership with Source de Talent Savvy, WMR is in a position to offer complete international recruitment service which combines search for talent across the world and the obtaining of the necessary immigration documents so that the chosen candidate may arrive in Canada as quickly as possible.

WMR promotes a global immigration strategy in order to reduce as much as possible the delays and the costs relating to work permits.
Whether your enterprise is in the industrial, commercial or service sectors, in Quebec or the rest of Canada, WMR is the ideal solution to your search for foreign workers.